The Sims 4 has lots of gameplay possibilities for romance storylines to play out. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic yourself or you want some guidance in building a healthy and long lasting relationship between two sims, then the “Soulmate” aspiration is for you! The aspiration takes your sim from meeting a potential partner to becoming their spouse and soulmate.

If you’d rather play with a sim who cares more about quantity rather than quality in their love lives, then you may prefer the serial romantic aspiration.

This post provides all the information about the Soulmate aspiration starting with a Quick Overview of it below.

Soulmate Aspiration Quick Overview

This aspiration is available for players in the base game, so you don’t need any other Sims 4 packs to be able to complete it.

Description: “This Sims wants to find and live a rewarding life with “The One”!”

MilestonesGoals To Complete the Milestone
#1 Amore AmateurHave a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Go on 2 Dates 
#2 Marriage MaterialBecome an Adult
Be Married to BFF
#3 Love HandlerEarn Silver on 2 Dates with Spouse
Achieve Soulmate Relationship with Spouse
#4 SoulmatePerform 50 Romantic Gestures with Spouse as Soulmates
Earn Gold on 3 Dates with Spouse

The Soulmate aspiration is categorised within the “Love” category of aspirations. Therefore, the bonus trait for choosing this aspiration when creating your Sim in create-a-sim is:

Alluring – Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others.

The reward trait gained once the Soulmate aspiration is completed is:

Companion – Sims with a Companion have special interactions with their spouse that help ease the trails of life. 

Tips to Help You Complete the Soulmate Aspiration

Traits to Use

Many traits can be useful in completing the soulmate aspiration. Given that the aspiration is based in socialising and building relationships, particularly useful traits include Outgoing, Self-Assured and Bro. However, the most useful trait is Romantic.


This trait will make your sim flirty more often than other sims. It’s useful in ensuring your sim is successful in the vast majority of romantic interactions that they perform. 

Traits to Avoid

Some traits will make completing the aspiration more challenging such as Noncommittal, Unflirty, Loner and Mean.

Reward Potions to Purchase

Reward potions can be bought with satisfaction points. Your Sim may have some satisfaction points already from completing other aspirations previously (either child or adult aspirations) or by completing whims. 

The following potions could be helpful in successfully flirting with other sims especially if your sim isn’t in a good mood but you want to make progress in completing the aspiration. 

Flirty Potion

As the name suggests by drinking this potion your sim will instantly become flirty. This potion costs 200 satisfaction points.

Confident Potion

This potion will make your sim feel instantly confident, which will make them more comfortable meeting new sims and less likely to get bad reactions to their interactions with those sims. This is particularly helpful when completing the first milestone (Amour Amateur) of the soulmate aspiration. This potion costs 200 satisfaction points.

Moodlet Solver Potion

It can be used to instantly remove all of your sim’s negative moodlets, which can always come in handy when playing. It costs 500 satisfaction points.

Reward Traits to Purchase

Reward traits can be purchased with satisfaction points just like the potions mentioned above. They give your Sims more personality and can make your Sim’s life so much easier! The following three reward traits are particularly useful when playing with the soulmate aspiration. 


I love playing with this reward trait! It allows your sim to learn all 3 traits of another sim as soon as they meet them, so there’s no need to use the “get to know” interaction several times throughout a conversation. The observant trait is useful if you want to quickly be able to know whether your sim would be compatible with another sim to start dating them at the start of the soulmate aspiration. It costs 500 satisfaction points. 


This reward trait gives your sim the ability to make other sims flirty almost immediately when interacting with them. It is very useful in building up romance between two sims! It costs 2,500 satisfaction points. 

Great Kisser

This trait causes your sim to gain charisma skill every time they kiss another sim. Whilst not totally necessary for this aspiration, charisma skill is useful to have in order to build friendship between your sim and their partner. It may help you reach soulmate status quicker! It costs 3,000 satisfaction points. 

Bonus Trait for Love Aspirations 

The first aspiration that you assign to a new sim will give them a bonus trait on top of the three traits that you have already given them. For the soulmate aspiration, the bonus trait can be very useful! The bonus trait is different depending on the category that the chosen aspiration falls under. 

To no one’s surprise the Soulmate Aspiration falls under the “Love” category. The assigned bonus trait, therefore, is “Alluring”. This makes your Sim more successful at romance interactions than other Sims

If your sim was assigned an aspiration in a different category at first and then you change it to soulmate later on in your gameplay, your sim will not get the Alluring trait. Instead they will keep the bonus trait of their original aspiration. You can still play the soulmate aspiration and have fun with it. The only difference is not having an alluring trait. So, remember that to be assigned the alluring trait you need to give your sim the soulmate aspiration in create-a-sim before playing with them for the first time.

Levels of the Aspiration

Milestone 1: Amore Amateur 

Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

The option to ask another sim to be your sim’s boyfriend or girlfriend will appear under the romantic category once the two sims have built up enough of a romantic relationship with each other (shown by the pink bar). You can build romance between two sims by performing lots of social interactions from the romantic category.

Go on 2 Dates 

Under the romantic interactions category there is an option to ask another sim out on a date. Your sim does not have to be boyfriend or girlfriend with the sim that they go on these two dates with.

Milestone 2: Marriage Material

Become an Adult

To fulfil this goal your Sim just needs to become a Young Adult. You don’t have to wait until they age into the Adult lifestate.

Be Married to BFF

Two sims will get the opportunity to become best friends after building a high enough friendship bar between them. The option will appear under the friendly social interactions category. They can become best friends before or after getting married to fulfil this task.

Milestone 3: Love Handler (Reaching Soulmate Status)

Earn Silver on 2 Dates with Spouse

Each time your sims go on a date there are certain goals that show up in the top left corner of your screen that determine whether your date went poorly or very well.  To earn silver for the date you will need to fulfil enough of the goals prompted by the game to fill the bar in the top left of the screen into the silver zone! 

Achieve Soulmate Relationship with Spouse

Two sims will become soulmates if they have very high friendship and romance levels (almost full bars). You will be able to see whether your sims are soulmates by looking at their sim panels, which can be found by clicking on the other sim after navigating to the people tab in the menu on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Milestone 4: Soulmate 

Perform 50 Romantic Gestures with Spouse as Soulmates

After becoming soulmates simply have your sim perform 50 romantic socials with their partner.

Earn Gold on 3 Dates with Spouse

To earn gold status for the date you will need to fulfil all of the goals prompted by the game on the date. You can measure your progress on the top left bar and once the date is over you’ll find out whether or not you earnt the gold!

Once you have completed all of the milestones of the aspiration your sim will have gained approximately 4000 satisfaction points cumulatively.

Reward Trait for the Soulmate Aspiration

This trait is a reward for completing all four milestones of the soulmate aspiration. A Sim with the “companion” trait will unlock special interactions with their spouse. It will make for a happier relationship throughout their lives. Two of the special interactions under the friendly category are “Share Burdon” and “Lend Emotional Support”. The interactions may only appear if your sims’ are arguing, which I think is great for storytelling in game. 

Cheat for the Soulmate Aspiration

If you want to complete the soulmate aspiration instantly in order to gain the satisfaction points or to obtain the “companion” trait without doing the gameplay, then you could cheat it. 

Here are the steps for the Sim 4 Aspiration Cheat:

  1. Activate cheats in the Sims 4 by pressing down on the keys SHIFT + CTRL + C. Then type in “testingcheats true” and press enter.
  2. Type into the bar aspirations.complete_current_milestone 
  3. Press enter and the milestone your Sim is on is now complete!

Final Remarks

For all you hopeless romantics out there, the Sims 4 soulmate aspiration is a very fun one to play! Your sim can live out a perfect romance and gain a soulmate in their life. 

Remember that if you want a love aspiration but having just one partner for your sim isn’t your cup of tea, then the serial romantic aspiration may be perfect for your gameplay style!

Let me know if you like playing with the soulmate aspiration in the comments below!

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