The Sims 4 has a lot of different fun aspirations to play and many of them lend themselves to realistic game play. However, the game also has some much loved less realistic features like setting your life’s goal to eat as much grilled cheese as possible! 

The Grilled Cheese Aspiration is in the base game and has to be unlocked through game play, so you cannot set it as your sim’s first aspiration in CAS. 

Here’s everything you need to know about playing this aspiration:

How to Unlock the Hidden Grilled Cheese Aspiration

Get your Sim to eat three plates of grilled cheese in a row to unlock the aspiration – it’s that simple! 

Grilled Cheese Aspiration Quick Overview

This is a hidden base game aspiration, so you can play it for free!

In-Game Description: “This Sim wants to eat, discuss, sleep, dream and live grilled cheese sandwiches.”

MilestonesTasks Required To Complete the Milestone
#1 Gouda Greenhorna. Talk to 3 Different Sims About Grilled Cheese
b. Eat 10 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
#2 Cheddar Connoisseura. Eat 10 Excellent Quality Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
b. Cook 3 Group Servings of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
c. Talk to 5 Different Sims About Grilled Cheese
#3 Master Maniaca. Eat a  Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Space
b. Cook an Excellent Quality Grilled Cheese Sandwich
c. Talk to the Grim Reaper About Grilled Cheese
Sims 4 Grilled Cheese Aspiration Milestones Table

Reward Trait from completing the Grilled Cheese aspiration: 

Melt Master – This Sim can summon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches whenever they want and can paint them too!

This aspiration doesn’t have a bonus trait because you cannot select it in CAS as your Sim’s first aspiration, but it is within the “Food” category of aspirations.

Tips to Help You Complete the Grilled Cheese Aspiration

Traits (To Use)


Sims with the “Glutton” trait get hungry easily and will enjoy eating no matter the quality of the food. This is useful for the Grilled Cheese Aspiration because your Sim may not have a high cooking skill when starting the aspiration, so their grilled cheese sandwiches might be low quality and Glutton sims will still happily eat all of them!


Sims with the “Foodie” trait will be able to gain cooking skill from watching cooking shows and have fun when cooking, so getting them to make grilled cheese sandwiches over and over again won’t bother them. 

Reward Potions and Traits (To Purchase)

All of these potions and traits increase the speed that your Sim increases their cooking skill and with that increase the quality of their grilled cheese sandwiches! 

Inspired Potion (200 Satisfaction Points) 

Morning Sim (1,000 Satisfaction Points)

Night Owl (1,000 Satisfaction Points)

Stoves and Grills Master (1,500 Satisfaction Points – comes with the Sims 4 Outdoor retreat)

Savant (4,000 Satisfaction Points)

With these traits your Sim will also gain other skills quickly, which is useful for the charisma and rocket science skills that also help in completing the Grilled Cheese Aspiration. You can easily cheat your sim’s satisfaction points (check out this post!) if they don’t have enough to buy the rewards traits.

Lot Traits (To Assign in Build Mode)

Useful lot traits for skill building to help in completing this aspiration are:

Chef’s Kitchen


Both of these lot traits come with the base game.

Grilled Cheese Aspiration Milestone Walk-Through

The satisfaction points shown below indicate how many your Sim earns when they complete each task within each milestone.

Milestone 1: Gouda Greenhorn

Talk to 3 Different Sims About Grilled Cheese (50 Satisfaction Points)

Once your Sim has the grilled cheese aspiration there will be a new friendly interaction with other Sims to “Talk About Grilled Cheese”.

Eat 10 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (75 Satisfaction Points)

Grilled cheeses for every meal anyone?

Milestone 2: Cheddar Connoisseur 

Eat 10 Excellent Quality Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (350 Satisfaction Points)

If your sim is having trouble cooking excellent quality grilled cheese sandwiches, then try these tips out:

  • Cook whilst inspired (can get an inspired reward potion or have your Sim do something creative for a while) 
  • Buy a better quality stove from build-buy mode or upgrade your Sim’s stove
  • Purchase the savant reward trait 
  • Increase their cooking skill (could do this instantly by using the cooking skill cheat)

Cook 3 Group Servings of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (300 Satisfaction Points)

Click on the fridge or stove to find the option to “Serve” a meal or simply to “Cook” and then select family or party serving size!

Talk to 5 Different Sims About Grilled Cheese (250 Satisfaction Points)

Remember that these Sims all have to be new and different to the 3 Sims in the first milestone.

Milestone 3: Master Maniac

Eat a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Space (750 Satisfaction Points)

Click on the rocket ship and the option to do this task will appear. There are different ways of finding a rocket ship in the game:

  • Buy one in Build-Buy mode and then your sim will need to construct it (rocket science skill necessary).
  • If you own the Sims 4 City Living, then an already built rocket ship is always at the Geekcon festival. Travel to the festival and click on the pre-built rocket ship there!

Cook an Excellent Quality Grilled Cheese Sandwich (500 Satisfaction Points)

Previously, a different Sim in the household could have been cooking all those grilled cheese sandwiches for the Sim pursuing this aspiration, but now the roles have reversed and the aspiring Sim needs to cook the sandwich!

Talk to the Grim Reaper About Grilled Cheese (650 Satisfaction Points)

The Grim Reaper will come to your lot if any Sim dies (pet or not) and your Sim can then chat to them about grilled cheese. You might have to force the death of a Sim to be able to complete this task! 

Reward Trait for the Grilled Cheese Aspiration

Melt Master Trait

  • Can summon plates of grilled cheese without cooking them
  • Can paint grilled cheese on an easel in game (there are different grilled cheese paintings three of which are in the picture below)

Cheat for the Grilled Cheese Aspiration

If you want to complete the grilled cheese aspiration instantly in order to gain the satisfaction points and/or to get the “melt master” trait without doing the gameplay, then you could cheat it. Here are the steps for the Sim 4 Aspiration Cheat:

  1. Activate cheats in the Sims 4 by pressing down on the keys SHIFT + CTRL + C. Then type in “testingcheats true” and press enter.
  2. Type into the bar aspirations.complete_current_milestone 
  3. Press enter and the milestone your Sim is on is now complete!

Final Remarks

I love playing with this hidden aspiration especially when my Sim unlocks it accidentally because grilled cheese is all they have in the fridge and their hunger bar is super low so you just kept making them grab servings. I also like playing this aspiration as a fun addition to the game if I have already completed my sim’s first aspiration!

Comment below if you like playing with the Grilled Cheese Aspiration!

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