Do you want to have fun dating a lot of Sims? Do you want the added excitement of trying to not get caught? The Serial Romantic aspiration will have you doing both of these things. It’s one of two base game love aspirations in the Sims 4 that will have you falling head over heels in love for almost every new Sim you meet! 

Below is a quick overview of the aspiration. Then I will go into detail about different aspects of the aspiration and give you tips on how to complete it!

Serial Romantic Aspiration Quick Overview

You only need the base game to play this aspiration!

Description: “This Sim wants to play the field and go on dates with all sorts of interesting people!”

MilestonesTasks Required to Achieve the Milestone
#1 Amore AmateurHave a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Go on 2 Dates
#2 Up to DateAchieve Level 4 Charisma Skill
Have had 3 First Kisses
#3 Romance JugglerAchieve Level 6 Charisma Skill
Have a Strong Romantic relationship with 3 Sims at Once
Kiss 10 Sims
#4 Serial RomanticEarn Gold on 3 Dates
Have had 8 Boyfriends or Girlfriends

Bonus Trait from choosing an aspiration in the “Love” category: 

Alluring – Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others.

Reward Trait from completing the “Serial Romantic” aspiration: 

Player – Players will never cause other Sims to get jealous, no matter what they do.

What Will Help With This Aspiration

Traits: Romantic and Outgoing

The romantic trait makes Sims flirty more often than others. It’s very useful for charming lots of Sims with your stellar flirting! But first you’re going to need to meet all of these Sims and the outgoing trait can help your sim get off on the right foot when greeting them. Your Sim will also gain more positive moodlets through interactions in their conversations with other Sims.

The bonus trait “Alluring” that comes with the aspiration is also very useful. More on that one further on in this article.

Reward Potions: Flirty Potion, Confident Potion and Moodlet Solver

Reward potions can be bought with satisfaction points. They are cheaper than the reward traits you can buy. Your Sim may have some satisfaction points already from completing other aspirations previously (either child or adult aspirations) or by completing whims. 

The following potions could be helpful in successfully flirting with other Sims especially if your Sim isn’t in a good mood but you want to work on completing the aspiration.

After purchasing it, the flirty potion can be used once and will make your Sim instantly feel flirty for a short period of time. This potion costs 200 satisfaction points.

The confident potion can also only be used once and will make your Sims feel instantly confident for a short period of time. This is useful when you want your Sim to meet new Sims. This potion costs 200 satisfaction points.

Lastly, the moodlet solver potion will instantly remove all of your Sims negative moodlets. This potion is more expensive than the others. It costs 500 satisfaction points.

Reward Traits: Great Kisser, Beguiling, Savant

Reward traits can be purchased with satisfaction points just like the potions mentioned above. They give your Sims more personality and can make your Sim’s life so much easier! The following three reward traits will help you out a lot with the serial romantic aspiration. However, they are quite expensive so you’ll need a lot of satisfaction points saved up.

The Great Kisser trait (3,000 satisfaction points) increases your Sim’s charisma skill every time they kiss another sim. For the serial aspiration trait, you will need to increase your Sim’s charisma skill to level 6 and kiss 10 different Sims. This trait is great as it allows you to work on both tasks at the same time!

The Savant trait (4,000 satisfaction points) is my most used reward trait in the Sims 4. It makes your sims gain all skills faster! For this aspiration it will aid your Sim in levelling up their charisma skill. If you can increase your charisma skill to level 8 (two levels higher than the aspiration requires), then you can use the “enchanting introduction” when meeting new Sims. I find that this can be useful when you are trying to win over Sims quickly for this aspiration. 

The Beguiling trait (2,500 satisfaction points) is not one that I have used much. However, it gives your Sim the ability to make other Sims flirty almost instantly. What better trait could there be for a serial romantic out on the town?!

Bonus Trait for Love Aspirations

When you create a new sim the first aspiration that you choose for them will give them a bonus trait on top of the three traits that you have assigned them. For the serial romantic aspiration, the bonus trait can be very useful! The bonus trait is different depending on the category that the chosen aspiration falls under. 

To no one’s surprise the Serial Romantic Aspiration falls under the “Love” category. The assigned bonus trait, therefore, is “Alluring”. This makes your Sim more successful at romance interactions than other Sims

If your sim was assigned a different aspiration at first and then you change it to serial romantic later on in your gameplay, your sim will not get the Alluring trait. Instead they will keep the bonus trait of their original aspiration. You can still play the serial romantic aspiration and have fun with it. The only difference is not having an alluring trait. So, remember that to be assigned the alluring trait you need to give your sim the serial romantic aspiration in create-a-sim before playing with them.

Aspiration Milestones

Milestone 1: Amore Amateur

Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

After establishing a romance bar with another Sim and performing several romance interactions the option “Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend” will appear when you click on the other Sim. 

Go on 2 Dates

These two dates don’t have to be awarded bronze, silver or gold level events. All that’s required is that your Sim goes on two dates. Your Sim can ask another Sim out on a date or you can say yes to a popup from another Sim asking you out if you receive one.

This milestone is the easiest and quickest to complete! You can get it done in a few days once your Sim is a teenager or young adult.

Milestone 2: Up to Date

Achieve Level 4 Charisma Skill

Three ways to increase your sim’s charisma skill:

  • Perform any friendly interactions especially those marked with the sunglasses icon in game, such as “Brighten Day”.
  • “Practice Speech” in the mirror.
  • Read a charisma skill book. These can be bought by clicking on any bookcase or using a computer.

Have had 3 First Kisses

Have a first kiss with three different sims!

Milestone 3: Romance Juggler

Achieve Level 6 Charisma Skill

As long as you perform some friendly interactions each time you meet all of the Sims you need to kiss for this milestone, then your charisma skill will naturally increase a lot. You will probably still need to work a little bit on your charisma skill intentionally.

Have a Strong Romantic relationship with 3 Sims at Once

Having a strong romantic relationship means your Sim has filled up the majority of the romance bar with another Sim. Your Sim can be boyfriend or girlfriend with the 3 sims, but they don’t have to be.

Kiss 10 Sims

These don’t have to be first kisses. They just have to be with 10 different sims!

Milestone 4: Serial Romantic

Earn Gold on 3 Dates

Follow all of the tasks that appear in the top left hand corner of your screen when your Sim is on a date to earn Gold. These dates can be with the same Sim each time or different Sims. Try to not take your dates to any places where your other romantic interests could be. Getting caught could lead to a host of negative interactions!

Have had 8 Boyfriends or Girlfriends

These relationships can occur all at once or one after the other. That’s up to you and the story you’re telling! You don’t need to be boyfriend or girlfriend with each of these sims for long if you don’t want to. It will count even if you make your sims become partners and then immediately break them up.

This milestone can be rather difficult to achieve depending on what kind of Sims player you are. For me, this milestone is the reason that the serial romantic aspiration is a harder aspiration to complete in the Sims 4. However, something that made it much easier is learning that your Sim can have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time!

Reward Trait for the Serial Romantic Aspiration

After completing all four stages of the Serial Romantic Aspiration your sim is given the reward trait “Player”, which means that nothing your Sim does can ever make another Sim jealous.

This trait is fun when playing with a very mischievous and charismatic Sim or when you want your Sim to have several partners at the same time. If you’re feeling bored with your gameplay and want to experience relationships in the game through a different lens, then this trait is great. 

After a life of hiding all of your relationships, you can finally bring them out into the open since no one will get jealous!

Cheat for Serial Romantic

If you want to complete the serial romantic aspiration instantly in order to gain the satisfaction points and/or the “player” trait without doing the gameplay, then you could cheat it. Here are the steps for the Sim 4 Aspiration Cheat:

  1. Activate cheats in the Sims 4 by pressing down on the keys SHIFT + CTRL + C. Then type in “testingcheats true” and press enter.
  2. Type into the bar aspirations.complete_current_milestone 
  3. Press enter and the milestone your Sim is on is now complete!

Final Thoughts

The serial romantic aspiration is a fun love aspiration in the Sims 4, which will have you meeting lots of different sims and possibly trying out gameplay that you don’t usually use. It’s very easy to make the first or second Sim your Sim meets once they’re a young adult their lifelong partner, but this aspiration will get you realising that there are many more Sims in the game that make for interesting partners!

Do you like playing with the Serial Romantic aspiration in the Sims 4? Let me know in the comments below!

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