Holidays are a feature of the Sims 4 Seasons and they can be created and edited via the calendar in game. They are a great addition to the game and have the potential to be tailored perfectly to your gameplay storyline. So, if you are bored of the holidays in the Sims 4 and want inspiration to create new ones, then this post is for you! In this post, is a list of 29 holiday ideas for your game and then I suggested ways for you to make the holidays that are already in your game more exciting. 

Sims 4 Holiday Ideas

Sims 4 Spring Holiday Ideas

Spring Cleaning – Cleaning, Appreciate an Object, Decorate 

Love Day – Romantic Spirit, Give Flowers, Go on a Date, Baking

Chaotic Fools Day – Mischief Spirit, Streaking, Holiday Gnomes, Trick or Treat

Easter – Give Flowers, Flower Bunny, Egg Hunt, Attend Holiday Ceremony, Baking

Earth Day – Gardening, Watch Romantic TV, Thankful, Water Fun, Give Flowers

Mother’s Day – Give Flowers, Thankful Spirit, Give Gifts, Grand Meal, Go on a Vacation or Travel

Blickblock-Con – Games, Wear Costumes

Pride Festival – Party Spirit, Tell Stories, Drinking, Art & Music Spirit, Fireworks

Sims 4 Summer Holiday Ideas

Father’s Day – Bar-B-Que, Give Gifts, Go on a Vacation or Travel, Grand Meal, Tell Stories

World Cup – Exercise, Sports TV, Party Spirit, Bar-B-Que

Music Festival Day – Art & Music Spirit, Invite Guests, Party Spirit, Go on a Vacation or Travel, Wear Costumes

Summer Holiday – Water Fun, Tell Stories, Fire, Go on a Vacation or Travel, Bar-B-Que

Camping Trip – Fire, Go on a Vacation or Travel, Tell Stories, Water Fun

Family Movie Night – Watch Romantic TV, Sports TV, Grand Meal

Sims 4 Autumn Holiday Ideas

Falling Leaves Day – Decorate, Cleaning, Drinking, Streaking, Tell Stories

Couch Day – Sports TV, Games, Watch Romantic TV, Baking

Halloween – Wear Costumes, Trick or Treat, Spooky Spirit, Art & Music Spirit, Decorate

Bonfire Night – Fire, Fireworks, Tell Stories, Art & Music Spirit, Drinking

Remembrance Day – Remembrance, Thankful Spirit, Tell Stories 

Harvestfest – Decorate, Grand Meal, Thankful Spirit, Art & Music Spirit

Family Shopping Day – Festive Spirit, Go on a Vacation or Travel, Air Grievances

Sims 4 Winter Holiday Ideas

Welcoming Winter Day – Decorate, Baking, Festive Spirit, Drinking

St Nicholas Day – Attend Holiday Ceremony, Baking, Festive Spirit, Open Presents

Winterfest Eve – Decorate, Festive Spirit, Drinking

Winterfest – Festive Spirit, Festive Lighting, Open Presents, Grand Meal, Father Winter

Boxing Day – Cleaning, Appreciate an Object, Baking, Air Grievances, Thankful 

Winter Holiday – Go on a Vacation or Travel 

New Year’s Eve – Art & Music Spirit, Countdown to Midnight, Fireworks, Drinking, Party Spirit

New Year’s Dive – Polar Bear Plunge, Water Fun

Sims 4 Calendar with Holidays (marked in yellow) for 14 day Spring and Summer Seasons
Example Sims 4 Calendar with Holidays (marked in yellow) for 14 day Spring and Summer Seasons
Sims 4 Calendar with Holidays (marked in yellow) for 14 day Autumn and Winter Seasons
Example Sims 4 Calendar with Holidays (marked in yellow) for 14 day Autumn and Winter Seasons

How to Make Holidays in the Sims 4 More Exciting

  • Change season lengths: The default length of a season is 7 days. In game options you can change it to 14 days or 28 days. The longer the seasons the more holidays you can have or the more spread out the holidays can be. Learn how to change season lengths in this post which includes everything you need to know about the calendar! 
  • Change the traditions: Each holiday can have up to 5 traditions and it may sound simple but changing a couple of them out can be enough to alter your gameplay enough to play with your sims in a new way. I like to regularly add or take away the “Attend Holiday Ceremony” tradition depending on whether I think it suits the family that I’m currently playing with.

Learn about how to make, edit, or delete holidays in the calendar in this post!

  • Tailor your traditions: Choose the traditions for your holidays based upon the age and personality traits of the Sim/s in your household. Traditions can be loved or ignored by Sims sometimes depending on their age and traits. If a tradition is loved, then it increases the chance of your sims having a happy moodlet. However, if a tradition is ignored, then that sim won’t need to fulfil it. 
  • Make the holiday work-free or not: Edit a holiday to change whether your Sims get the day off of work and school or not. This is a simple way of changing the length of time you have to complete the traditions of the holiday. 
    • NB: Don’t assume that your Sims won’t have work on the weekend if you uncheck that option because they may still have work depending on their career and the level that they are on within the career.
  • Put your sim’s money on the line: You could pretend that completing the traditions of the holiday is the equivalent of completing a challenge for charity and afterwards your Sim donates money to charity. If your Sim has a charisma skill of level 3 or higher, then you can use a computer in game to donate simoleons to charity. Otherwise, you could use a money cheat to remove however much you want from the household funds. The New Year’s Dive holiday idea mentioned in the list above would be a perfect holiday to try this out for! Polar plunge for charity!
  • Use mods: There are mods designed to provide many more holiday icons and tradition options! These mods make your holidays even more customisable!

Which Holidays Come in the Sims 4?

When you load into a new save file in game, four holidays will already be scheduled in the calendar with the following traditions:


Love Day – Romantic Spirit, Give Flowers, Go on a Date 


Harvestfest – Decorate, Holiday Gnomes, Grand Meal, Thankful Spirit 


Winterfest – Decorate, Festive Spirit, Open Presents, Grand Meal, Father Winter 

New Year’s Eve – Decorate, Party Spirit, Make Resolutions, Countdown to Midnight

There will also be surprise holidays that are not shown in the calendar. They will appear randomly and only a few days before they occur. These holidays cannot be altered by the player and some have unique traditions. The surprise holidays are:

Neighbourhood Brawl – Fighting

New Skill Day – Skill Improvement

Night on the Town – Free Food and Drinks

Prank Day – Mischief Spirit

Rebate Day – Shopping Rebate

Talk Like a Pirate Day – Talk Like a Pirate

The LotteryPlay the Lottery

TV Season Premiere – Watch TV Premiere

Where do you Buy Holiday Decorations in the Sims 4?

When creating a holiday in the Sims 4, you can assign a “Decoration Theme” to it. In order to put up these decorations you need “The Attic Stack Decoration Box” object, which is an item in build mode. You can find this item by typing its name into the search bar of build mode or navigate to the “Objects by Function” tab and then the “Decorations” category where you can filter for only objects from the Sims 4 Seasons pack. Once you have purchased the decorations box and placed it on your lot, then click on it to make the bunting appear on all the outdoor roof trims and fences on the lot! Click on the box again when you are ready to take them down.

In build mode, there are many other holiday decor objects that you can buy and add to your sims’ house for the season. Examples include candles, banners or wreaths for the front door. They are perfect for decorating when the holidays come around in game!

Do Sims Work On Holidays in the Sims 4?

When creating a new holiday or editing a holiday in the game’s calendar, you can check or uncheck a box to determine whether your Sims will have the day off of work and school on that holiday or not. 

Final Thoughts

Holidays are a great feature of the Sims 4 Seasons, which can add a lot to your storyline or give your game new life if you are getting bored of the regular daily routines. I love to play with holidays and try out new ones in my game. Let me know if you have any more holiday ideas to try out in game in the comments below!

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