As part of the secret agent career in the Sims 4, “Browse Intelligence” is a daily task. Your sim needs to complete this task to improve their work performance and in turn to increase their chance of getting a promotion. To “Browse Intelligence” in the Sims 4 you will need to use a computer in game. 

How to Browse Intelligence in the Sims 4

  1. Click on a computer or laptop in game. It won’t work on the phone or a tablet.
  2. Go to the Web category. You may need to click on the more choices option on the wheel to find it.
  3. Browse the Intelligence Database will appear as an option.

What is Browse Intelligence?

When your sim is part of the Secret Agent career, Browse Intelligence will be one of the daily tasks that you need to get your sim to do outside of work hours in order to progress in their career.


What skills do secret agents need in the Sims 4?

Logic and charisma skills are required for promotions in the secret agent career.

If you select the villain branch of the career after being promoted to level 8, then your sim will also need the mischief skill. The logic skill will need to be maxed at this level and mischief will need to be progressed up to level 6 (only to reach the highest level of the career).

What is a diamond agent in the Sims 4?

When your sim is promoted to level 8 of the secret agent career you can choose one of two branches to follow for the last few levels of the career. The two branches are Diamond Agent and Villain. The popup shown in the screenshot below shows the two options that you are given. 

Note that the diamond agent branch has a total of 10 levels to max the career whereas the villain branch has 11.

Which degree helps with a sims 4 spy agent career?

A psychology degree will help your sim in pursuing the secret agent career on the diamond agent branch of the career. A villainy degree will help your sim in pursuing the secret agent career on the villain branch.

Getting university degrees from the Sims 4 Discover University will allow your sim to join the workforce after graduation at a higher starting level of their career. Each degree corresponds to getting a headstart in three or four specific careers.

How do you become a secret agent in the Sims 4? 

  • Go to your sim’s phone and select “Find Job”.
  • A popup will appear and you can select “Secret Agent” as an option when you scroll down.

How to browse intelligence in the Sims 4 on console?

The browse intelligence option can be found in the same way on console as in the Sims 4 on a PC. Click on a computer or laptop and navigate to the web category. The option to browse intelligence will then appear.


Finding the browse intelligence option is very easy to do under the web category! Remember to use a computer or laptop in the game and not a phone or tablet.

I hope this article helps you in getting your sims promotions in the secret agent career!

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