In the Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack, sims can learn how to snowboard. Whether they are a naturally elegant snowboarder or have a goofier style, all sims start at level one out of ten of the snowboarding skill. Either the snowboarding or skiing skill is required for the Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration that comes with the Sims 4 Snowy Escape. Continue reading to learn everything that you need to know about the snowboarding skill in the Sims 4! 

How To Go Snowboarding in the Sims 4 

Location: Yukimatsu neighbourhood of Mt. Komorebi world 

Travel to any of the lots in the neighbourhood (use your sim’s phone or hit the “m” key if you are playing on PC to travel there). 

At install there are two rental lots and an onsen bath lot (new with the Sims 4 Snowy Escape). However, sims don’t need to be on holiday to go snowboarding. Sims can walk around the entire neighbourhood to all the slopes, stalls, and rock climbing walls without any loading screens so it doesn’t matter which lot you visit. 

Start snowboarding by clicking on any of the slopes. You will be able to choose whether you want your sim to go down the slope one-time or continuously. Sims that are children or older can go snowboarding. 

Slopes in the Sims 4

Click on a slope to find out its difficulty. The different levels of slopes in order of difficulty are:

  1. Bunny slope 
  2. Easy slope 
  3. Intermediate slope 
  4. Expert slope 
  5. Ludicrous slope 

Beginner snowboarders only have access to the Bunny and Easy slopes. More are unlocked as your sim increases their snowboarding skill! The Bunny slope is close to the open space by the ski lift building in the Yukimatsu mountain neighbourhood. It is directly across from the middle lot of the three that are built on when looking at the neighbourhood from map view.  

Additionally, you can choose the intensity of your sims snowboarding. Here are the options:  

  • Low Intensity – safest option with the least tricks and lowest chance of injury! 
  • Medium Intensity – includes some tricks and moments for relief! 
  • High Intensity – riskiest option with the most tricks! 

How to Get a Snowboard in Sims 4

You can purchase snowboards from the Bits n’ Bobbles Vending Machine. There is one already in game in the Yukimatsu neighbourhood opposite the food stall at the bottom of the ski slopes. You can also purchase a snowboard from Build/Buy mode under the activities category of items. As your sim increases their snowboarding skill, they will unlock new snowboards. 

Your sim does not need a snowboard to go snowboarding. If they do not have a snowboard in their inventory, then the game will loan a snowboard to your sim that you can return by clicking on it in your inventory. You don’t have to return them as the loaned snowboard will be removed from your sim’s inventory automatically when they leave the mountain neighbourhood. Bear in mind that a loaned snowboard is of bad quality, so I recommend purchasing a snowboard to avoid your sims from getting injured! Getting injured isn’t a big deal as your sim just gets a negative moodlet from it, but it can be annoying as they may be too uncomfortable to snowboard or ski. I like to avoid it when playing. 

List of All Snowboards in the Sims 4

All of these snowboards can be purchased in Build/Buy mode under the “Activities and Skills” category of items. 

Item NamePrice (simoleons)Fun Level
Lil’ Kiddy Boards by Sulco (Children only) 160 Fun: 3
Sulco Basic Snowboard200 Fun: 3
X2 Classified Timber275Fun: 4
Unlocked at level 3 of the skiing skill
Freestyle UltraBoard410 Fun: 5
Unlocked at level 6 of the skiing skill
GnomeBoard X 750Fun: 5
Unlocked at level 10 of the skiing skill 
All Snowboards Available for Purchase in the Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Snowboarding Skill Levels and What’s Unlocked At Each Level 

Skill LevelsUnlocked Perk
1New Ability: Use Bunny Slope and Easy Slopes at all three intensities 
2New Social Interaction: Ask other sims to become Snow Bros 
New CAS Item: Cold Weather trousers
3New Ability: Use Intermediate Slopes 
New Social Interaction: Snow Bro High Five
New Item: X2 Classified Timber snowboard 
4New Action: Research Snowboarding Techniques on a Computer 
New Ability: Intermediate Slopes at all intensities And Expert Slopes at all intensities
New Self Interaction: Get Hyped (become energised) 
5New Social Interaction: Can “Mock Skiing” for sims who like skiing 
New Tricks: More intense tricks on Expert Slopes (can access intense slopes) 
New CAS Item: Cold Weather Athletic top 
6New Social Interaction: “Endure the Burn” can be used on other sims that are tired
New Tricks

New Item: Freestyle UltraBoard snowboard
7New Social Interaction: Brag About Shredding
New Self Interaction: Stretch It Out 
8New Social Interaction: Dare to Attempt Risky Slope New Tricks
9New Social Interaction: Chat about Rad Slopes
10New Social Interactions: Coach in Snowboarding and Provide Snowboarding Tips 
New Action: Record their runs on slopes and Upload them to the Computer 
New Item: GnomeBoard X 
Snowboarding Skill Levels Sims 4 Snowy Escape

How to Gain the Snowboarding Skill in the Sims 4 

All of the following activities will increase your sim’s snowboarding skill: 

  • Go snowboarding on Mt. Komorebi 
  • Read Snowboarding Skill Books
    • Purchase a Snowboarding Skill Book by clicking on any bookcase (or computer) in game and select the “buy a book” option. To easily find the book that you want, filter the books in the dropdown menu to only show “Skill” books. 
    • Purchase the volume appropriate for the level of snowboarding skill that your Sim currently has.
      • Vol. 1: So You Want To Snowboard (Beginner) for levels 1 to 3 
      • Vol. 2: Feeling the Powder (Intermediate) for levels 4 to 6 
      • Vol. 3: Gettin’ Tricky! (Advanced) for levels 7 to 9 
Purchase Books on Snowboarding Skill in the Sims 4
Purchase Books on Snowboarding Skill in the Sims 4
  • Use computers to “Research Snowboarding Techniques”
    • This option is unlocked once your sim has reached level 4 of the snowboarding skill.
  • Attend a Snowboarding Skill Class (requires Discover University)
    • Use the phone to “Sit in on Skill Class” for 250 simoleons. This option can be found under the Business category on your sim’s phone if you have the Sims 4 Discover University installed. 
    • Your sim will disappear into a rabbit hole for a few hours and increase their snowboarding skill. 
  • Purchase the “Snowboarding Boost” Club Perk (requires Get Together)
    • Join or create a club and then with 400 club points you can purchase the Snowboarding Boost club perk which will increase the speed your sim gains the snowboarding skill during active club gatherings.

How to Increase the Snowboarding Skill Faster 

Energised is the optimal mood for a sim to increase the snowboarding skill quickly. Once your sim has reached level 4, they can Get Hyped by clicking on them before they go snowboarding. This will give your sim an advantage while snowboarding and they will be able to perform some extra tricks on the slopes. 

Reward traits that increase your sims skill gain: Morning Sim, Night Owl and Savant. Given the cold weather climate in Mt. Komorebi, Cold Acclimation and Iceproof reward traits can’t hurt either. 

Helpful Traits: Adventurous and Active 

Useful Reward Potions: Energised Potion 

Useful Likes/Dislikes: Like Snowboarding 

How To Change Snowboarding Style in the Sims 4? 

There are two snowboarding styles: Goofy Stance and Regular Stance. You can click on the toggle to change your sim’s stance by clicking on any of the slopes (shown on the left hand side of the image below).

Options from clicking on the Bunny slope showing how to change snowboarding style in the Sims 4
Options from clicking on the Bunny slope showing how to change snowboarding style in the Sims 4

Your sim’s snowboarding style changes some of the graphics while they go down the slopes. It’s a fun little addition to add to your storytelling! 

How To Become Snow Bros 

Once a sim has reached level 2 of the snowboarding skill they can declare another sim as their snow bro. Snow Bro status is available with another sim who’s skilled in snowboarding. At level 3 of the skill, a new social interaction is unlocked whereby snow bros can high five (Look under the “Affection” category of the “Friendly” interactions). Afterwards, you can also revoke the snow bro status if you’d like to. 

Snowboarding Videos in the Sims 4 (Earn Money from Snowboarding!) 

Once your sim is at level 10 of the snowboarding skill, they can “Record POV Snowboard Videos” of themselves going down the slopes (available on all slopes). Simply click on a slope and there will be an option to record a video instead of snowboarding down the slope normally.

Image showing How to Record a Snowboarding Video in the Sims 4
How to Record a Snowboarding Video in the Sims 4

Your sim will proceed to go down the slope a few times and then the footage will appear in their inventory.

How To Upload Snowboarding Video 

Once there is a video in your sims inventory a new computer interaction will be possible. Click on a computer or laptop in game and then select the “Upload Snowboarding Video…” option. From then on your sim will receive  a small amount of royalties each day from their uploaded video! 

Image showing How to Upload a Snowboarding Video in the Sims 4
How to Upload a Snowboarding Video in the Sims 4

If you are looking for a new income stream for your mountain loving sim, then this might interest you. Remember that it is only a small amount of royalties and therefore unfortunately is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Snowboarding Skill Cheat in the Sims 4

Here are the steps for the Sim 4 Snowboarding Skill Cheat: 

  1. Enable cheats by entering testingcheats on into the cheat bar (Click here to learn how to enable cheats for computer and console/PS4 players!). 
  2. Type into the bar stats.set_skill_level major_snowboarding X. Replace X with the number of the level that you want your Sim to have (10 is the maximum!). 
  3. Press enter and your sim’s level of the snowboarding skill will change! 


Is There Always Snow in Mt Komorebi? 

Yes! The Yukimatsu neighbourhood, where all the slopes are, will always have snow even if you are playing with the Sims 4 Seasons installed. 

Final Thoughts

I hope that this post was helpful! Hitting the slopes is a fun holiday to play with in the Sims 4. There’s a lot to explore in Mt. Komorebi from climbing the mountain itself with the rock climbing skill to dominating the slopes by either skiing or snowboarding! 

Leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts about the snowboarding skill in the sims 4. 

Thanks for visiting the website and have a lovely day! 

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