The robotics skill was added to the game in the Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack. I think it’s an underutilised gameplay feature. It’s a fun and unique skill to play with as it can result in you adding a robot to your sim’s household or building new robot children’s toys. To craft robots using the robotics skill you need to use the Robotics Workstation object. It can be bought for 1,100 simoleons from build/buy mode. If you can’t afford that, then travel to the Foxbury Student Commons lot in Brichester to use a public one or use a money cheat to purchase it instantly.

Robotics Workstation Catalogue Display in the Sims 4 Discover University

If you want to build a robot instantly, then you can cheat your sim’s robotics skill level. Below I lay out exactly how to do that. 

Step 1 – Enable Cheats

Make the cheat bar appear in the top left hand corner of the screen by pressing:

  • Command + Shift + C on PC.
  • CTRL + Shift + C on Mac.
  • All four triggers on console.

Type in “testingcheats on” and press enter to enable the use of cheats.

Step 2 – Robotics Skill Cheat 

Input stats.set_skill_level major_robotics X into the cheat bar and press enter. Replace X with the level of the skill you would like your sim to obtain. 

The cheat bar is not case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you use any capital letters in the cheat code or not. It will work either way. Below I have written out the cheat code for all of the levels, so you can easily copy and paste the one that you want to use! 

Skill LevelCheat Code
Level 1stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 1
Level 2stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 2
Level 3stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 3
Level 4stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 4
Level 5stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 5
Level 6stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 6
Level 7stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 7
Level 8stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 8
Level 9stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 9
Level 10stats.set_skill_level major_robotics 10
Robotics Skill Cheat Codes for All Levels in the Sims 4 Discover University

The robotics skill cheat can be used to change your sim’s level to a higher or lower one depending on what you want. Choose the specific level that you want your sim to have and replace X in the cheat code with it. 

Cheat To Max The Robotics Skill

There are 10 possible levels for the robotics skill in the Sims 4. Therefore, you can max the robotics skill by typing in the cheat code for level 10

Cheat for Robotics Materials 

To craft whatever you want at the workstation, your sim needs a high enough robotics skill level and the required materials for the item. You can easily cheat to get the necessary crafting materials instantly and for free. All you need to do is enable cheats by typing testingcheats true into the cheat bar and pressing enter. Then, SHIFT+Click on the robotics workstation in the game and select the option to “Spawn Crafting Supplies”. Your sim will now have a large supply of crafting materials in their inventory and they can craft any of the objects possible on the workstation. If you would like to get rid of the supplies later on, then simply shift+click on the robotics workstation again and select the option to “Destroy Crafting Materials”. 

Robotics Workstation crafting materials cheat screenshot
crafting materials after robotics workstation spawning cheat


Is there a cheat to max all skills in the Sims 4? 

No, but you can cheat to max each individual skill. It’s easy to do, but it can be quite tedious and requires you to know the maximum level of all skills (i.e., whether they have 5 or 10 levels). To avoid this you may want to use a mod, such as UI Cheats or MCCC, to max all of your sim’s skills quickly with a simple click.  

What is the robotics skill cheat for console in the Sims 4? 

The cheat is the same as what I have explained earlier in this post. The only difference is how to make the cheat bar appear when enabling cheats. This can be done by pressing down on all four triggers at the same time. 

Final Remarks

I hope that this cheat guide was useful for you. Click here to learn more about cheats in the Sims 4. 

Hope you’re having a lovely day simmers! 

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