In the Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack, sims can learn how to ski! Whether they end up being a master of the slopes or not, all sims start with the same unbalanced and disjointed technique at level 1 of the skiing skill. The skiing skill is required for the adventure enthusiast aspiration that comes with the Sims 4 Snowy Escape. 

This post will cover everything that you need to know about the skiing skill in the Sims 4! If you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the post and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

How (and Where) To Go Skiing in the Sims 4 

Location: Yukimatsu neighbourhood of Mt. Komorebi world 

Travel to any of the three lots in the neighbourhood (use your sim’s phone or hit the “m” key if you are playing on PC to travel there). 

At install there are two rental lots and an onsen bath lot (new with the Sims 4 Snowy Escape). However, you don’t need to be on vacation to go skiing. Sims can walk around the entire neighbourhood to all the slopes, stalls and rock climbing walls so it doesn’t matter which lot you visit as you can go skiing from all three of them. 

Start skiing by clicking on any of the slopes. You will be able to choose whether you want your sim to go down the slope one-time or continuously. Sims that are children or older can go skiing.

Ski Slopes in the Sims 4

Click on a slope to find out its difficulty. The different levels of slopes in order of difficulty are:

  1. Bunny slope 
  2. Easy slope 
  3. Intermediate slope 
  4. Expert slope 
  5. Ludicrous slope 

Beginner skiers only have access to the Bunny and Easy slope. More are unlocked as your sim increases their skiing skill! The Bunny slope is close to the open space by the ski lift building in the Yukimatsu mountain neighbourhood. It is directly across from the middle lot of the three when looking at the neighbourhood from map view.  

Bunny Slope on Mt. Komorebi in the Sims 4 Snowy Escape
Bunny Slope on Mt. Komorebi in the Sims 4 Snowy Escape

You can choose the intensity of your sims skiing as well. Here are the options:  

  • Low Intensity – safest option with the least tricks and lowest chance of injury! 
  • Medium Intensity – includes some tricks! 
  • High Intensity – riskiest option with the most tricks! 

How to Get Skis in Sims 4

You can purchase skis from the Bits n’ BobblesVending Machine. There is one already in game in the Yukimatsu neighbourhood opposite the food stall at the bottom of the ski slopes. You can also purchase skis from Build/Buy mode in the game under the activities section. As your sim increases their skiing skill, they will be awarded new skis for free that appear in their inventory.

If you click on a slope and send your sim skiing without having any skis in your inventory your sim can still ski. The game will loan skis to your sim that you will have the option to return by clicking on them in your inventory. You don’t have to return them as the loan skis will be removed from your sim’s inventory automatically when they leave the mountain neighbourhood. Bare in mind that loan skis are bad quality, so purchase skis to avoid your sims getting injured! Getting injured isn’t a big deal as your sim just gets a negative moodlet from it, but it can be annoying so I like to avoid it when playing.

List of All Skis in the Sims 4

Item Name Price (Simoleons) Fun Level 
YetiScape Mini-Skis for Kids 160 Fun: 3
YetiScape Snowshock Skis 200 Fun: 3
Max’s SlopeMaster 3000 Skis 275 Fun: 4
Unlocked at level 3 of the skiing skill
X2 Icebender Skis 410 Fun: 5
Unlocked at level 6 of the skiing skill
Unlimited Powder Skis 750 Fun: 5
Unlocked at level 10 of the skiing skill
Table of All Skis Available for Purchase in the Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Skiing Skill Levels and What You Unlock At Each Level

Skill LevelsUnlocked Perks
1Access to Beginner Slope and the Easy Slope with Low, Medium, and High intensity levels
2Social Interaction: “Inquire about Powder Conditions”
CAS Item: New pair of ski pants
3Access to Intermediate Slope with Low and Medium intensity levels
Computer action: “Research the Art of Skiing”
Max’s SlopeMaster 3000 Skis
4Access to Expert Slope with Low, Medium, and High intensity levels
“Prepare for the Moment” action if you click on your own sim
New tricks
5Access to the Ludicrous slope with Low, Medium, and High intensity levels
Social interaction: “Discuss Past Ski Experiences”
CAS Item: new ski jacket
6X2 Icebender Skis
New tricks
7Computer action: Blog about Skiing
8Social interaction: “Deliberate Ski Style”
New tricks
9Social interaction: “Give Advice on Avoiding Wipeouts”
New tricks
10Coach skiing to other sims
“Offer Ski Expertise”
Teach a Ski Class via the phone or computer
Unlimited Power Skis
Sims 4 Skiing Skill Levels

How to Gain the Skiing Skill in the Sims 4

All of the following activities will increase your sim’s skiing skill: 

  • Go skiing on Mt. Komorebi 
  • Read “Mastery of Skiing” Skill Books
    • Purchase a Skiing Skill Book by clicking on any bookcase (or computer) in game and select the “buy a book” option. To easily find the book that you want, filter the books in the dropdown menu to only show “Skill” books. 
    • Purchase the volume appropriate for the level of skiing skill that your Sim currently has: Vol. 1 (Beginner) for levels 1 to 3, Vol. 2 (Intermediate) for levels 4 to 6, and Vol. 3 (Advanced) for levels 7 to 9. 
  • Use computers to “Research the Art of Skiing”
    • This option is unlocked once your sim has reached level 3 of the skiing skill.
  • Attend a Skiing Skill Class (requires Discover University)
    • Use the phone to “Sit in on Skill Class” for 250 simoleons. This option can be found under the Business category on your sim’s phone if you have the Sims 4 Discover University installed. 
    • Your sim will disappear into a rabbit hole for a few hours and increase their skiing skill.

How to Gain the Skiing Skill Faster

Once your sim has reached level 4, you can prepare for the moment by clicking on your sim before they go skiing. This will give your sim an advantage while skiing and they will be able to perform some extra tricks on the slopes. Reward traits that increase your sims skill gain: Morning Sim, Night Owl and Savant. Given the cold weather climate in Mt. Komorebi, Cold Acclimation and Iceproof reward traits can’t hurt either.

Skiing Skill Cheat in the Sims 4

If you want to increase your sim’s skiing skill instantly, then you could cheat it. Here are the steps for the Sim 4 Skiing Skill Cheat:

  1. Enable Cheats (See this page to learn how to enable cheats for computer and console/PS4 players!) 
  2. Type into the bar stats.set_skill_level Major_Skiing X. Replace X with the number of the level that you want your Sim to have (10 is the maximum!).
  3. Press enter and the level of the skiing skill your Sim has will change!

How to Teach Ski Classes (Earn Money with the Skiing Skill!) 

I’m always looking for new ways for my Sims to make money in the game or for them to run a side hustle. So, I was very excited when I learnt that you can teach ski classes to earn money in the Sims 4! Here’s how: 

  1. Max the Skiing Skill 
  2. Use the phone to select the “Teach Ski Class” option under the business category (you can also use the computer) 
  3. Your sim will now leave the lot into a rabbit hole for a few hours and return having earned some money (note that this is not a get rich quick scheme as the pay is small!)

Final Thoughts

I hope that this post was helpful! When playing, I like taking my sims skiing on Mt. Komorebi for their holidays. Let me know in the comments below if you also like to take your sims to the slopes!

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