What is the logic skill in the Sims 4?

The logic skill represents your Sim working their mind and ability to focus on tasks. It’s required by several careers and aspirations, so you may find yourself needing to increase your Sim’s logic skill level. This post will tell you everything you need to know about the logic skill in the Sims 4!

Logic Skill Levels (What You Unlock At Each Level)

Skill LevelsUnlocked Perk
1Play Card Games, Chess and Use Scientific Equipment
2Collect Plant Samples and Analyse them under a Microscope“Discuss Logic” Social Interaction
3Gain more logic skill from Chess and Card Games than before
4Read Intermediate Logic Books
5Collect Fossil Samples and Analyse them under a Microscope
6Gain even more logic skill from Chess and Card Games than before
7Read Advanced Logic Books
8Can collect crystal samples and analyse them under a microscope. Can “Provide Logical Solutions to Stressed Sims.”
9Gets an even better moodlet from Chess and Card Game victories.
10While angry, can “Rant Logically” to reduce his anger
Logic Skill Levels Table

How to Gain Logic Skill in The Sims 4

Logic Skill can be built by your Sim doing any of the following activities: (P.S. I put my three favourite methods first!)

  • Play Chess
    • Purchase a chess table for your Sim’s lot or travel to a park lot, which (almost) always have chess tables.
  • Interact with a Telescope or Observatory 
    • All interactions with these objects will increase your Sims logic skill and will give them a focused moodlet. 
  • Read Logic Skill Books
    • Purchase a Logic Skill Book by clicking on any bookcase (or computer) in game and select the “buy a book” option. To find the book you want quicker you can filter the books in the dropdown menu to only show “Skill” books.
    • Purchase the volume appropriate for the level of logic skill that your Sim has: Vol. 1 (Beginner) for levels 1 to 3, Vol. 2 (Intermediate) for levels 4 to 6, and Vol. 3 (Advanced) for levels 7 to 9.

  • Play Cards or Puzzles
    • Purchase a games table for your sims’s lot from build/buy mode. Learn how to play puzzles in this post!
  • Painting a Mathematical Diagram
    • If your Sim is focused, then painting a “Mathematical Diagram” will appear as an option by clicking on an easel. By painting it your Sim’s logic skill will increase.
  • Microscope Samples
    • Buy a microscope for your lot in build/buy mode. Be aware that this object is very large, so you will need empty space on your lot! Collect crystals, fossils and plants to be able to analyse them under the microscope.

How to Gain the Logic Skill Faster

When performing the actions listed above, your Sim will gain the logic skill faster if they are focused or if they have a helpful trait (explained further below).

With the Sims 4 Tiny Living, having a Tier 1 or 2 sized house will give your sim the perk of gaining skills twice as fast!

How to Become Focused

Here’s a list of actions that will give your Sim the focused moodlet:

  • “Ponder Moves” action on the chess table 
  • All interactions with the telescope or observatory
  • Being in the same room as an object that has an emotional aura enabled (focus decor) such as a Mathematical Diagram which has a +4 aura 
  • “Study” action on a fossil 
  • Listen to focus music
  • “View Focused Work” action on “mathematical diagram” painting

Depending on your Sim’s traits and environment they could become very focused, which is super useful for gaining the logic skill quickly!

Helpful Traits



Overachiever (High School Years)

Helpful Likes/Dislikes

In Create-A-Sim you can set your Sims likes and dislikes manually. To increase the logic skill, liking “focus music” can be helpful as it increases the likelihood of your Sim becoming focused when listening to it!

Helpful Reward Potions and Reward Traits 

These rewards can be super useful if you would like your Sim to gain the logic skill very quickly:

Focused Potion (200)

Morning Sim (1,000)

Night Owl (1,000)

Speed Reader (1,000)

Savant (4,000)

The numbers in the brackets below indicate the number of satisfaction points each of them cost.

Logic Skill Cheat

If you want to increase your Sim’s logic skill instantly, then you could cheat it. Here are the steps for the Sim 4 Logic Skill Cheat:

  1. Enable Cheats (See this page to learn how for computer and console/PS4 players!)
  2. Type into the bar stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 7 

Replace the number 7 with the number level that you want your Sim to have (10 is the maximum!)

  1. Press enter and the level of the logic skill your Sim is on will change!

What is the Logic Skill Useful for in The Sims 4?

There are plenty of careers, aspirations and degrees that encourage your Sim to gain the logic skill given that it is a requirement for them to have it in order to progress through the qualification. 

Careers that Require the Logic Skill


Civil Designer (Eco Lifestyle)

Conservationist (Island Living)

Education (Discover University)

Engineer (Discover University)

Gardening (Seasons)

Law (Discover University)

Military Career (Strangerville)


Secret Agent

Salaryperson (Snowy Escape)

Aspirations that Require the Logic Skill

Renaissance Sim

Nerd Brain

Helpful Degrees (Discover University)







Can You Make Money With The Logic Skill In The Sims 4?

If your Sim has some level of the logic skill, then there are several ways of using the skill to make money! Here are a few:

  • Sell mathematical diagrams that your Sim painted
  • Sell space prints procured by using the observatory
  • Join one of the careers listed in the section above in this post

Let me know in the comments below if there are any other ways to use the logic skill to make money!

I hope that this post was helpful and you have all the information possible about the logic skill in The Sims 4!

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