In the Sims 4, “Uproot Plant” means that the plant will be turned into trash and your Sim will throw it away in the closest rubbish bin. This is possible for all plants. 

The “Uproot Plant” action is available for plants on your Sim’s lot as well as plants somewhere else in the world. This action was introduced into the game in July 2021 when the Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack was released and oversized crops came to the game in the pack. 

Related Questions

How do you pick up plants in the Sims 4?

To pick up and move plants that are on your Sim’s home lot on that lot use the build mode select tool. See the next question for details.

For fully grown plants that are not on your Sim’s home lot you need to click on the “Harvest” or “Harvest All” commands. Then, after returning to your Sim’s home lot you can plant it again there. There is no way to pick up plants directly in live mode in the Sims 4. 

How do you move plants on your lot in the Sims 4?

Enter build mode and your cursor will naturally be able to select plants. Then, plants act as objects and you can simply drag your cursor to the new spot and click to place the plant down again.

How do you move plants to a new lot in the Sims 4?

Enter build mode and select the plant that you would like to move and add it to the household inventory (the option will appear at the bottom of the screen). Then, you can load into the new lot with the same household and enter build mode where the plant will be in your household inventory ready to place anywhere you’d like.

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