Want a new way to make money in the Sims 4? Do you need some new decor for your sim’s house? Do your sim’s need a closet makeover? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then knitting is the perfect hobby for your sims to take up. The knitting skill comes with the Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack. In this post, I will provide all the information you might need to know about the knitting skill.

How To Knit In The Sims 4 

In order to knit your sim needs to have yarn in their inventory, which can be bought in build/buy mode. There are two options to choose from and it makes no difference to your sim’s knitting capabilities. The two options are: 

  • Beginner’s Yarn Basket (55 simoleons) 
  • Super Stash Yarn Basket (75 simoleons)

Once bought in build mode and placed down onto your lot, return to live mode so that you can drag them into your sim’s personal inventory and they can start knitting! 

Places To Knit

Sims can knit anywhere that they can sit (from a rocking chair to a sofa or bed). The only exceptions to this are chairs that are at tables or desks. Just click on the object and make sure your sim has yarn in their inventory and then an option to knit will appear. 

“Frog” Knitting Project Option

This option entails undoing your knitting project. The item in question, whether complete or in progress, will be unravelled if you choose to “Frog” the project. If you have the Sims 4 Cottage Living, then your sim will get the original wool used for the project returned to their inventory. Your sim will get some of the money back that they spent on starting the project. 

"Frog" knitting project

Knitting Skill Levels (What You Unlock At Each Level)

Skill LevelsUnlocked Perks
1Starter Knitables 
2New Knitables: Socks (Clothing)
3New Knitables: Mailbox Cozies and Plant Holders (Furnishings)
4New Knitables: Rugs (Objects)
5New Knitables: Sweaters (Clothing) 
New Interactions: “Teach to Knit” 
6New Knitables: Poufs (Objects)
7New Knitables: Cacti, Turtles, and Octopi (Decorations) 
8New Knitables: Toddler Onesies and Baby Onesies (Clothing)
New Knitables: Sweater Scarf Combos (Clothing)
10New Knitables: Child Toys
New Interaction: Mentor other sims in knitting
Knitting Skill Levels and Unlockables in the Sims 4 Nifty Knitting

Teach To Knit

For the “Teach to Knit” interaction (unlocked at level 5) the sim that is being taught does not need to have yarn in their inventory for the interaction to work. This interaction works for children as well as older sims. 

How To Increase Knitting Skill In The Sims 4

Here are six ways to gain the knitting skill in the Sims 4: 

  1. Knit 
  2. Read Knitting Skill Books
    • Purchase a Knitting Skill Book by clicking on any bookcase (or computer) in game and select the “buy a book” option. To find the book you want quicker you can filter the books in the dropdown menu to only show “Skill” books. 
    • Purchase the volume appropriate for the level of knitting skill that your Sim has: Vol. 1 (Beginner) for levels 1 to 3, Vol. 2 (Intermediate) for levels 4 to 6, and Vol. 3 (Advanced) for levels 7 to 9.  
  3. Be Taught How to Knit
    • Have a sim with at least level 5 of the knitting skill use the “Teach to Knit” interaction on the sim that wants to increase their knitting skill. 
  4. Attend a Knitting Skill Class (Discover University)
    • Use the phone to “Sit in on Skill Class” for 250 simoleons. This option can be found under the Business category on your sim’s phone if you have the Sims 4 Discover University installed. 
    • Your sim will disappear into a rabbit hole for a few hours and increase their knitting skill whilst in the abyss. 
  5. Enrol in a Knitting Elective Course at University (Discover University)
    • When enrolling in a new term of university, select a knitting course from the electives dropdown menu. There may not be one on offer every term, so you might have to wait until the next term. 
    • Your sim will gain the knitting skill by doing their homework for the course. 
  6. Purchase the “Knitting Boost” Club Perk (Get Together)
    • Join or create a club and then with 400 club points you can purchase the Knitting Boost club perk which will increase the speed your sim gains the knitting skill during active club gatherings.

How To Gain The Knitting Skill Faster 

Here are three ways to increase how quickly your sim will gain the knitting skill: 

  • Be mentored by a sim who has maxed out the knitting skill
    • Find out how to cheat maxing the knitting skill here! 
  • Be inspired whilst knitting
    • Become inspired by taking a thoughtful shower, surrounding your sim with inspiring decor, or purchase the Inspired Reward Potion for 200 satisfaction points. 
  • Live in a tiny house (Tiny Living)
    • If your sim lives on a tiny home residential lot and their home has a maximum of 32 tiles, then they live in a micro home and will benefit from increasing their knitting skill at double the normal speed. This is very helpful for all skill gain! 

There are also several boosts that you can give to your sim listed here: 

Helpful Reward Traits 

To gain the knitting skill faster, I recommend the Savant, Early Bird, and/or Night Owl reward traits. To earn more money from selling knitted objects the Marketable trait is very useful. 

Other Helpful Traits

Creative sims are more likely to be inspired and be put in a good mood by doing something creative such as knitting. Additionally, Perfectionist is a useful trait because despite taking longer to complete a knitting project there is a higher chance that the finished result is of a higher quality than it otherwise would be. The higher the quality, the more money you can make from selling the knittable. 

Helpful Likes and Dislikes

  • Like knitting 

List Of ALL Knitables In The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting 

It costs to knit items, but remember that you can sell completed items for more money once via plopsy or directly from your sims inventory. The knitable items range from practical furniture pieces (e.g. Poufs), to stylish clothing items (there are so many different knitted sock patterns!), to lots of decor pieces (My favourite item is the knitable octopus!).

All of the Sims 4 Nifty Knitting items are available in a variety of knitting patterns and colours. The table below lists out all of the knittable items available: 

CategoryKnitted Item NameSkill Level RequiredPrice to Knit (simoleons)
Animal ClothingCap & Scarf in (chicks)135
Sweater in design (chickens)535
Nifty Sweater (cows)1035
Cottagecore for (lamas)840
The Amazing Technicolour Neckwarmer (lamas)1335
Woven Blanket (lamas) 435
Sweater with pants (rabbits) 735
Sweater Vest (rabbits)335
Robber’s Gear in (foxes)585
SocksCrew Socks220
Low-cut Socks220
Gradient/Striped Mid-Calf Socks220
Sweaters with ScarfsWomen’s Sweater with colour Scarf970
Men’s Sweater with colour Scarf970
SweatersWomen’s Sweater with Dress550
Men’s Sweater550
Children’s Sweater550
Newborn & Toddler OnesiesOnesie with a animal840
Newborn OnesiesNewborn Onesie840
Child ToysBear1030
Lil’ Grim 1030
Turtle with Shell730
Penguin with Hat730
Knit Cactus in a Pot730
Ceramic Llama with Knit Cactus730
Hanging Plant HoldersShort Plant Hanger with a Pot320
Short Hanger for Plants in Pots320
Short Zigzag Hanger with a Pot320
Medium Length Plant Hanger with a Pot320
Medium Length Hanger for Plants in Pots320
Medium Length Zigzag Hanger with a Pot320
Long Plant Hanger with a colour Pot320
Long Hanger for Plants in colour Pots320
Long Zigzag Hanger with a colour Pot320
Mailbox CoziesMailbox with Knitted Cozy320
Forbidden SweaterThe Forbidden Sweater1090
All Knitted Items in the Sims 4 Nifty Knitting
"Knit clothing" interaction in the SIms 4 Nifty Knitting
"Knit objects" interaction in the SIms 4 Nifty Knitting

The Forbidden Sweater and the Yarny toys (from the EA game Unraveled) can only be knitted if a sim has reached level 10 of the knitting skill AND completed the Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration. By completing the aspiration, they will gain the Sacred Knitting Knowledge trait. This trait enables them to knit those new items, makes them immune to the sweater curse, and allows them to dispel the curse from affected sims. 

Ingredients for Knitables (Cottage Living) 

If you have the Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack installed, then an additional column called Ingredients will appear in the menus of knitted items. This column indicates the colour of llama wool that is required to create each item. It is NOT necessary to have the correct wool in your sim’s inventory as they can always pay the price listed to make the item without using any ingredients just like players without cottage living do. However, if your sim has the correct coloured llama wool in their inventory when selecting an item to knit, then they will not need to pay the price displayed to knit it. Llama Wool can be bought at the Garden Shop in Henford-On-Bagley or shaved from a llama that your sim owns and that lives on their lot.

Here are screenshots of the menus of knitables:

Knitting Skill FAQs 

How Do You Cheat The Knitting Skill?

I have another post that covers all knitting cheats in the Sims 4 from the knitting skill cheat to the cheat that unlocks all hidden Create-A-Sim items. The skill cheat is stats.set_skill_level major_knitting X. Replace X with the number of the level you desire your sim to have in the knitting skill. Learn how to enable cheats and discover new cheats on the Let’s Talk Sims cheats page

Can You Make Money With The Knitting Skill In The Sims 4?

Yes. Use Plopsy to sell knitted items and in turn make money from knitting.

Can You Knit In The Sims 4 Cottage Living? 

No, the Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack comes with the cross-stitching skill. The Nifty Knitting stuff pack is required in order to knit in the Sims 4. 

Final Remarks

Nifty Knitting is one of my favourite stuff packs and I use the knitting skill a lot in my game, so I hope that this post was helpful and you feel inspired to get your sims knitting! 

Leave a comment below with any questions or gameplay suggestions regarding knitting. 

Hope you are having a lovely day and keep simming! 

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