To complete the Whiz Kid Aspiration in the Sims 4, your child Sim will need to “Read with an Adult for 2 Hours”. It is easy to do and also adds a cute parenting interaction to your storyline!

How to Read with an Adult 

  1. Select to play as either a young adult, adult or elder Sim within your household. 
  2. Put a children’s book in their inventory
  3. Click on the book and select the option “Read to Child…”

Remember that this action must be carried out by an adult Sim! Children can’t ask adults to read to them.

How to Find a Children’s Books in the Sims 4

All children’s books in the Sims 4 have the same white and purple book design on the cover. You can filter for the children’s genre of book when buying them. 

You can check whether your Sims already own a children’s book by clicking on a bookshelf and selecting “Open”. This will open the inventory of the bookshelf and you will be able to see which books your Sims own.

Reading in the Sims 4 FAQ

How to Buy Books in the Sims 4

In order to read in the Sims 4, your household needs to own books. Your Sims will automatically own a selection of books if you place a bookshelf in their house from build mode. To obtain a specific book or book within a specific genre you will need to buy it in game. There are two ways to buy books in the Sims 4:

Option 1 is to use a computer to “Order” a book and select a book within the Children’s genre from the list to buy. It will then appear in your Sim’s inventory.

Option 2 is to click on a bookshelf and select the “Purchase Books” options. A popup will appear where you can purchase any book you would like.

What is the cheat for the Whiz Kid aspiration in the Sims 4?

If you want to skip through any milestones of an aspiration, you can use the following cheat: 

  1. Activate cheats in the Sims 4 by pressing down on the keys SHIFT + CTRL + C. Then type in “testingcheats true” and press enter.
  2. Type into the bar aspirations.complete_current_milestone 
  3. Press enter and the milestone your Sim is on is now complete!

It’s an easy cheat! It’s the same for every aspiration no matter whether it’s a children’s aspiration – such as Whiz Kid – or an adult aspiration that you want to cheat.

Final Remarks

The steps for “Read with an Adult” outlined above are exactly the same as the steps required by adults to “Read to Child for 2 Total Hours”. The latter is a task for both the Big Happy Family aspiration and the Successful Lineage aspirations in the base game for adult Sims. 

I hope that this post was helpful! Let me know in the comments below if it was!

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