In the Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack, sims can now make puzzles! Whether your sim is bored and needs a new activity to do or you want a new storytelling moment for your sim’s mischievous children, then puzzles are a great addition to the game. Sims increase logic skill whilst making puzzles, which can be super helpful for career progression. In this post, I include everything from how to make puzzles, which puzzles are in the game, and provide ideas of how to incorporate this activity into your own gameplay.

How To Make Puzzles In The Sims 4 

Step 1 – Buy or Find a Games Table

Start by buying a puzzle table from build/buy mode and placing it on your sim’s lot. Any games table will do. It does not have to be the new one from growing together. Here are the options and their prices: 

  • Don’t Wake the Llama Game Table for Kids! for 55 simoleons (Get Together) 
  • Don’t Wake the Llama Classic Game Table for 150 simoleons (Get Together) 
  • Needs Paint Game Table for 150 simoleons (Little Campers Kit) 
  • Got Game Table for 235 simoleons (Base Game) 
  • Games are Groovy! By Kindermade for 300 simoleons (Growing Together) 
  • Wolf Pytts’ Essential Gaming Table for 320 simoleons (Outdoor Retreat) 

If you don’t have enough money to buy a table or don’t want one on your sim’s lot, then you can visit the pre-made recreation center lot in San Sequoia that comes in the Sims 4 Growing Together. You can find games tables there. 

Step 2 – Choose Puzzles as the Game 

Click on the games table and select “Change Game…” to “Puzzles”. A puzzle box will then appear on the table. 

Screenshot of Game Options on a Games Table in The Sims 4

Step 3 – Choose and Make a Puzzle 

Click on the games table or the puzzle box and choose which puzzle that you would like to make. Firstly, you will need to decide on the size of the puzzle that you would like to make. There is no difference gameplay wise on which you choose. It’s purely a story telling moment. These are the options: 

  • 50 Pieces 
  • 100 Pieces 
  • 250 Pieces 
  • 500 Pieces 
  • Custom Puzzle From Reference (similar to painting from reference where you will select a shot in game of another sim or a view and then your sim will create that picture as a puzzle) 

Next, there will appear the four categories of puzzles to choose from (all options are listed out later in this post). Click on your desired puzzle and your sim will begin making it. Up to four sims can make the puzzles together as long as there are enough chairs around the games table. 

Once your Sim has made a puzzle, they can clean it up or frame it (costs 45 simoleons). 

Stealing Puzzle Pieces (New Growing Together Gameplay Feature!) 

Sims can be mischievous by stealing a puzzle piece, so that the completed puzzle will have a visible missing piece at the end. To do this simply click on a puzzle whilst it’s being made and the option to Steal a Piece will appear. 

The piece can be returned to the puzzle later on by clicking on the puzzle and selecting the return option. 

ALL of the Puzzles in the Sims 4 

There are four categories of puzzles in the game and each category has five or six different puzzles to choose from. Here’s the list: 

CategoriesPuzzle Names
AnimalsBest Friends Fur Ever  
Feathered Friends 
Fitness Goats 
Grassland Sheep 
Meadow Mare 
FantasyDid Someone Say…Winged Unicorn?!
Dragon Blossom
Guardian of the Forest
Under the Sulani Sea
Whalebert Dreams
LandscapesGilbert Gardens Arboretum
San Sequoia Bridge
Tasteful Tulips
The Countryside
Warm Beachy Paradise
Sci-Fi Beam Me Up!
Cosmic Eclipse
Cyber Bunny 2000
Out of This World Party
Space Llame, Soaring Through the Stars
Under the Milky Way
Table of All Puzzles in the Sims 4 Growing Together

The image below shows all of these puzzles in the order written in the table above.

Picture of All Puzzles in the Sims 4 (in columns based on categories of Animals to Fantasy to Landscapes to Sci-Fi from left to right)

Gameplay Ideas with Puzzles 

Puzzles can be used as a build mode secret or can feed your imagination when telling your sims stories. Here are a few ideas on using puzzles in the Sims 4: 

  • Use as decorations
    • Frame them and then drag them onto the walls of your sim’s lot as decorations. 
    • I like to make one of the animal puzzles when my sim is expecting a baby and then hang it up on the wall above the newborn’s crib. Puzzles are perfect for decorating a bedroom either for a child who loves animals or for one who’s obsessed with space!  
  • Play with sibling dynamics 
    • Has your younger sibling ever cheated in a card game or stolen a piece that’s part of the board game that you’re playing? Want your child sims to mess with each other and gain a bit of the mischief skill? To do this you can have the younger sibling steal a puzzle piece when their sibling isn’t looking! 
  • Quality time with grandparents
    • We could always use more to do for elderly sims in the game and making puzzles is a fun one to do with the whole family or to be shared as a grandparent-grandchild moment. 
    • If you move out the grandparents generation of your sims family, then I recommend adding a games table to their new home. That way grandchildren can make a puzzle with their grandparent when they go to visit them and subsequently bring the puzzle home with them as a sweet memory (simply drag the finished puzzle into your sim’s inventory to do this)! 
  • Increase logic skill
    • I find it more realistic to have a games table for cards and puzzles at my sim’s home than to have the classic chess table especially when it comes to gameplay for child sims. Therefore, making puzzles is a good way to increase their logic skill whilst having fun! Learn more about how to increase your sim’s logic skill in this post.  

Final Comment

Let me know in the comments below: how do YOU incorporate puzzles into your sims gameplay? 

As always, I hope that you are having fun playing the sims!

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