About Raising Foundation in Sims 4

Build mode in the Sims 4 has an extensive array of tools to make unique and fun builds in the game. One way to make your build more interesting or realistic is by raising it on to a foundation. In this post I will lay out how you can add foundations to your builds. It’s really easy to do!

How to Raise Foundation in Sims 4?

  1. Enter build mode 
  2. Build a room using room placement or by adding at least four connecting walls 
  3. Select the room by clicking the ground in the middle of the room or on one of the walls 
  4. A white block with an upwards and downwards arrows attached to it will appear in the middle of the room 
  5. Click on that block and drag the block up to raise the foundation 

If you raise one room of your house onto a foundation, all rooms attached to it will be raised to the same foundation height so that the entire floor is on even ground. 

The height of a foundation can always be changed, so you can try out different heights to see which one suits your build best. 

How to Lower or Remove Foundation in Sims 4?

Select a room and drag the white block with arrows in the middle of the room down until the building sits at a lower desired height or lies flat on the ground again. 


Why can’t I make my foundation higher Sims 4?

There is a limit to how high foundations can be made. If you are dragging the foundation tool (white box with two arrows in it) upwards and the foundation won’t rise, then you have reached the limiting height for the foundation.

Where do you raise a house on stilts in Sims 4?

After building a foundation following the steps above, you can choose different types of foundations, such as brick or cement, in build mode. There will be an option to turn your foundation into stilts. This is a base game feature.

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