Are you interested in learning a new build mode feature in The Sims 4?

Do you want to improve the decor in your Sims build?

In this post, I’ll explain how to make half tiles in The Sims 4. This quick and easy trick has a big effect in elevating your build’s decor and opens up doors to more build design opportunities for you to use in the game. 

How To Make Half Tiles in The Sims 4

Once you are in build mode, then select a floor tile option. After selecting a floor tile, press the keys “CTRL” and “F” at the same time. This will turn the floor tile from one full grid space size to a quarter tile size. There is no way to get a half tile size, but you can easily make it by placing two quarter tiles next to each other

To rotate the quarter tile use the “,” and “.” keys.

From left to right the image above shows a full tile, a quarter tile, and a half tile (made by two quarter tiles placed next to each other).

Making a quarter tile from a full tile is the only way to change tile shape in the Sims 4.

2 Reasons To Use Half Tiles in The Sims 4:

  • To create a sleek diagonal edge to your flooring. 

e.g. To create a path around your Sim’s house that doesn’t always follow a perpendicular trajectory. This makes the lot look more realistic. To add extra realism, I also like to raise my build onto a foundation.

  • To create intricate and patterned flooring in your build. An example pattern would be:

I like to use this feature sometimes instead of placing a rug down if there is flooring that suits the room’s aesthetic better than any of the rugs in game.

How To Make Half Tiles in The Sims 4 on Console?

The tile feature is the same on console as it is on pc, so you can only get a full or a quarter tile size and if you want a half tile then you place two quarter tiles next to each other. Press the following keys to enable the quarter tile feature:

  • Square on PS4 (to rotate press triangle)
  • X on XBOX (to rotate press Y)

How To Make Quarter Tiles in The Sims 4?

All you need to do is press the keys “CONTROL” and “F” together after selecting a flooring in build mode. Then, you can place down a quarter tile.

Final Remarks

There are many tips and tricks for build mode in the Sims 4 that easily make your builds more interesting and realistic. Placing down quarter or half tiles instead of full tiles is a simple way to achieve this!

Do you use half tiles in The Sims 4 often? Let me know in the comments below!

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